My First X-Pro 1 Engagement!

Yesterday was my first attempt at taking the new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 on an engagement shoot.. and I loved it!  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about taking the camera into the wedding and engagement world.. especially since I switched to shooting only film quite a few months ago.  I met up with a wonderful couple in New York City.. and shot this camera anywhere and everywhere I could.

I really tried to test it in dramatically different lighting conditions.. and was excited to see that the camera held its own!  I really did what I wanted it to do in the field.. and that’s what is important to me.  I want to know that regardless of the situation.. I am able to perform my job at the highest level possible.

Although I did feel very highly about the X-Pro 1 during my engagement shoot.. that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any problems with it.  I must stress again that the focusing still needs some work.  I found myself struggling in some backlit situations.. where the camera would either just refuse to focus.. or back focus.  I know we’ve all had this struggle with digital camera’s at one time or another.. so it’s nothing new in the world of photography.  And being so used to manual focusing all of my film cameras.. I can’t yet say that I am completely comfortable using the manual focus of the X-Pro 1 during quick moments at an engagement session or a wedding.

Overall, however, I fell in love with the end product of the day.  My shots were crazy sharp and the image quality was unbelievable.  As of right now.. I wouldn’t think twice about tossing this camera in my bag during a wedding day.  I’m looking forward to shooting more and more engagements with the X-Pro 1.. and I’m beyond excited to see it perform at one of my upcoming weddings!

Here are some selects from yesterdays shoot with David and Chelsea!  I have known these two for a while now.. and it always makes me beyond happy to see how in love they really are!

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Eric - These are great! I went back and tried to figure out which was my fav and I couldn’t decide because I liked them all!

Were all these done with available natural light or did you use any fills?

Thanks for sharing !

SARA RENEE - HECK YEAH! These are fantastic!

MIkee - Lovely work! I cannot wait to get mine!

admin - @Sara Thanks so much SR! I hope all is well down in the south :)

@Eric Thanks for the awesome feedback! I used all natural light with no artificial fill at all.. just bounce from the walls of the buildings!

admin - @Mikee Thanks! Enjoy the camera.. especially the 18 f/2! It’s definitely my go to lens

Alex Beckett - Wow love number 2. Those rays…

All in all the xpro1 looks like it held up well. If it wasn’t for the AF I’d be thinking about using it for an entire wedding.

Love that camera, only other thing I wish is that they’d kept the leaf shutter.

Keep up the good work,

Simon - Beautiful images Michael.

I’ve always been drawn to bigger & heavier cameras but the more I am seeing from smaller units like the X100, X-Pro 1 etc. the more I’m keen to have a look & a play….

Thanks for the post & insight.


Tammy - Great photos, thank you for sharing! I am greatly looking forward to one.

Derek Clark - Really nice work Michael. I’m loving the X-Pro1 too! I’m also thinking of taking it on a wedding because the color’s are amazing, especially for skin.

I’m posting stuff on my blog every other day at the moment and every day on my street photography blog. I’m blown away by the sensor and how sharp it is. The X-Pro1 and the X100 certainly ignite the passion.

Thanks for posting these shots

Tenisd - One with the blue wall behind is my favourite one. Beautiful work. Thank You for sharing :)

Aaron - Incredible images. That second shot is killer! This camera is looking very special, I’m chomping at the bit to get one.

Harri Rauhanummi - WOW. Those are seriously great photos. I have X100 myself. I love it and frequently use it as my street and travel camera. But I’ve never had the courage to took it into a wedding or engagement session. The reason? Too slow frame rate and slow focus. Well focus has improved a lot since the latest firm ware update but frame rate is still a problem for a wedding work. So, how’s the X-pro 1, how many frames per second can you get when shooting RAW?


Osvaldob Hincky - I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

Jacqueline Reyna - That photo at grand central station is pure magic. You are beyond talented…

Ryan Hodges - Nice.

Vic May - Lovely, first and last shots are great. I love looking at good photographers work.

Fred - The second picture is just amazing ! Well done !

Messay - Michael…great shots here! Did you use any type of color filtering or plugin on your post processing for these images? Did you shoot these in RAW or JPEG?

Fred - The second picture’s amazing.
You’re doing great with the X-PRO1. :-)

Andy - Really great work. I am sure you are able regardless which cam you youse. :) I also run a XPro1 along my 1DX. But to be honest – the XPro1 does see more light lately. ;)

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