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Hey Everyone,

I’ve got some pretty exciting news to share after my last trip to Dubai.  I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my trip was out to the Middle East.. I completely fell in love.  Aside from the sand dune bashing and the camel riding.. I was really blessed with the friends and contacts that I made out there.  A few of the contacts that I had mentioned include those part of the Fujifilm Middle East team.  We spent the week talking camera’s and film.. and both decided that we wanted to work together on some upcoming projects.

One project in particular was the upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera.  Although all of my digital camera’s are home collecting dust.. they really wanted me to check out their new digital rangefinder coming out.  I agreed to test the new X-Pro 1.. and give my Rolleiflex a break for a few weeks.

I immediately was floored by this new camera.. especially with the size and the weight of it.  I’m so used to carrying around heavy camera systems as of late.. and it was definitely a breath of fresh air to pick up this lightweight rangefinder.  However.. the size and weight weren’t what caught my attention.  What’s really captivating about this new camera is the Image Quality.  Fujifilm really played their cards right on this one.. packing in professional IQ in such a lightweight and compact camera system.  You can really see what this camera is capable of by checking out my good friend Zack Arias and his recent blog posts about the X-Pro 1.  He is taking this new camera to a completely new level.. and his pictures are unbelievable. I’m excited to be able to share the experience of the new X-Pro 1 along side of him.

Although I spoke to Fujifilm about utilizing this camera in the world of weddings and portraits.. I also carry it around with me during my travels.  Once I am able to plant myself back in Connecticut for a couple of weeks.. I will be posting more blogs on how the camera preforms under those circumstances!  However.. I wanted to share some shots I took with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 from the end of my Dubai trip!

I’ve become extremely excited about the Panoramic features built in the camera.  After spending some time playing with it.. I can really see myself utilizing this feature in my workflow!

The size of this camera alone really gives off that “tourist” feel.. allowing you to get shots where a large pro camera might give off the wrong impression.

I was also curious about how the camera handled off-camera flash.. so I brought out a few pocket wizards and an sb-900.  It’s really awesome to be able to utilize the small flash system with the X-Pro 1.. especially being in such a different environment.  You are able to walk in almost unnoticed with this camera and a small flash.. making it perfect for quick photojournalistic shooting.  I would love to use this combination at my next wedding!

I also decided to bring the camera with me into the desert for some testing!  A few friends and I jumped in a Land Cruiser for some dune bashing.. and then went to enjoy the night riding camels and watching dancers at dinner.  I’d say it was a great day for testing all aspects of the camera.  I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have such incredible image quality in such a small camera.  I could carry this thing around with me all day and not even realize that it’s on my shoulder.

Quick self portrait during a break in between the sand dunes!

All in all.. I’m completely loving this camera.  It definitely has it’s quirks.. autofocus being one of my main concerns.. but I haven’t had the chance to test this camera out in a setting more prone to what I do.. weddings, engagements, and portraiture.  I’m not usually one to just head out and shoot street photography.. but I did want to post some of my initial pictures with this camera.  I get back from my travels with Joe McNally next week.. and I’m looking to really put the X-Pro 1 through the gauntlet! Stay tuned..

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Duane Hall - Nice images and it looks like you had a blast too! Curious – what lenses did you use with it?

Eric - Great stuff!
Really live the portrait off camera flash? If you dont mind me asking what kind pocket wizard do you use and are you manually setting flash?

I shoot with an sb600,sb700 on my dslrs. Never tried it with my x100. I guess i assumed it wouldnt trigger properly…or maybe just lazy.

Have u tried manual focusing at all?

I mainly only use single point auto focus and zone focusing on my x100.

Anywho, thanks for the impressions! Love YOUR shots, its cool to see the camera keep up with great quality.

Lincoln Barbour - Thanks for posting these great images. I really dig the shot of the white SUVs bombing around in the sand.

Quick technical question: Were you shooting RAW or JPEG? Have you compared the two formats?

admin - @Duane Thanks for the kind words! I primarily used the 18 f/2.. and switched to the 35 f/1.4 for a few shots. I have to say I prefer the 18mm over all the lenses thus far!

@Eric I used the PocketWizard Multimax on camera and on my sb900.. and dialed my flash in manually around 1/8 power! Also.. I wouldn’t recommend trying manual focus. It definitely takes a while.. I would stick to autofocus. Thanks for the positive feedback!

@Lincoln Thanks man! I shot Raw + Jpeg Fine.. but I edited everything as a jpeg. Unfortunately.. there isn’t a dedicated Raw plugin yet!

MIkee - One word. WOW. Oh and two words, CAN’T WAIT.

Fred Jones - Great pics, love the colours.
Regarding the pocket wizard multimax, is this a multimax that would have been designed for Nikon?
I’m just wondering if I can use my pw TT5′s (for Nikon), in manual with Nikon flashes with the Fuji X-pro 1


BreezeStyling - Incredible shots!!! The first 2 and the guy with his hands behind his back really captured my attention. Great work!

Michael - I’m curious if the picture of the rovers on the sand dunes was straight out of the camera or post-processed?

Cali - @Fred I’m not entirely sure with the TT5′s. I used the older one’s.. not dedicated to to either Canon or Nikon.

@Journey I try not to process my images too much! However.. I did use a curves layer on that shot!

Adrian - I too just got the Fuji XPro 1 and seem to have this “love-hate” relationship with it.
I loved it on a page of a magazine. I like the idea of a rangefinder. The retro look works for me too (I’m old school all the way). As soon as I took a few snaps the sloooow auto focus made me crazy. My fingers are tripping all sorts of buttons at will. The back screen displays things that I didn’t want but pressed the button accidentally. The video with the continuos focusing and all the noise that it makes made me want to go to the store right there and return it. But when I looked at the images and printed a few 20×24 and decided to endure all the technical pains and learn how to co exist with this very difficult camera. I think I am at the point of trying to slow down all that I do and how I do it. After 30 years of rushing maybe it’s time to be a little bit more “old school”. Creating photographs shouldn’t be easy and it doesn’t have to be fast. I hope the camera will show me a new way of doing the same things. And that is a win-win .

Gerry Raymonda - Have you had an opportunity to try any “M’ lenses with the adapter yet?

Cali - @Gerry Unfortunately I haven’t.. but maybe in the near future!

manasse Nicaisse - Thank you for sharing. great review article.

Vic May - Some great images here Michael. I really like the monochrome of the twirling dancer. I’ve just purchased a Fujifilm X Pro1 and the three primes after using the X100 which blew me away with its feel and image quality. Looking forward to using for my next few weddings.

Adam - In searching for reviews on the Fuji X series I came across this, thanks for the write-up and the pictures. It looks like you and I went on the same packaged tour with the Land Cruisers in the dunes and then the dinner in the camp with the whirling dancer! I didn’t post my dune shots, but in my Dubai gallery here you can see the 2 I took of the dancer. I was just using my little Panasonic LX5 on this trip, but they came out pretty well http://adamjohnrichardson.com/dubai

Fred - Great stuff !
The X-PRO1′s a great camera. You should try the X100s. ;-)

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