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Through my travels with Joe, I have been introduced to a plethora of cultures.  These range from the lavish lifestyles of major cities, to downtrodden slums found all over the world.  Recently, I was given a dramatic view of life on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. During our visit, we stumbled upon a […]

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Gilbert Farm

After spending the past three years in Connecticut, I’ve developed a new found love for the farms in the area.  If I manage to have a weekend to myself, I’ll grab my Rolleiflex and drive over to this beautiful farm near my house.. Gilbert Farm.  When Hannah flew up to visit a few weeks ago, […]

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Dubai Camel Farm

It’s not very often that you find yourself at a camel farm in the middle of the desert.  During our recent adventure over to Dubai.. Drew Gurian, John Keatley, and I decided to trek out and location scout at one of these farms. After an hour drive toward the middle of nowhere, parking our car […]

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Lake House

Today marks the start of my first international trip this year.. and I couldn’t be more excited!  There’s something wonderful to me about being in an airport.  I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of traveling somewhere vastly different from home, or if a change of pace is just necessary at this point in life. […]

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You never know what will spark an idea, filling your imagination with an endless supply of inspiration.  It could stem from a trip to your favorite coffee shop, a conversation with an old friend, or an excerpt from a fiction novel found during a trip out of town.  It’s important to keep those creative juices […]

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